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Warren Buffett at UF

Bloomberg Terminal at Library West

Recommended Websites
Excellent websites for the new investors, informed investors and those keeping up with the financial world.

Recommended Online Brokers
Choose carefully and decide which one is for you

Premium Brokers Full-Service Brokers Discount Brokers

Recommended Books
These books are recommended by SIC and are available through most online retailers.

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Investing from Scratch
  • One Up On Wall Street
  • Beating the Street
  • Landlording
  • The Intelligent Investor
  • The Warren Buffet Way
  • Security Analysis (Graham and Dodd)
  • Jim Cramer's Real Money

Recommended TV Shows
These shows are watched religiously by the officers and are highly recommended.

  • Kudlow & Company
  • Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer
  • Bloomberg
  • CNBC
  • CNBC World/Asia
  • Fox Business Network
  • Suze Orman

Recommended Movies
Immerse yourself in these classics.

YouTube Clips
Relax and watch some great finance and stock market-related YouTube clips. Tthese videos have been highly recommended by our club members.

Past Presentations
Learn fundamentals or reread slides from previous meetings here

Warren Buffett at UF

"I want a simple business that is easy to understand with able and honest management. If I can't see where it will be 10 years from now I don't want to own it." -- Warren Buffett at the University of Florida

Click here to watch the video (approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes long)

Bloomberg Terminal at Library West

The Bloomberg Terminal is the premier information system used by most leading financial and investment firms. Here at UF, there is an official Bloomberg Terminal in Library West, 3rd floor, behind the help desk. Use of the terminal is free, account registration is free, and best of all certification on the terminal is also free. Contact any of the SIC officers for help using the terminal.





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